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Ukrainian Fresh & Frozen Products Cluster – food processing and logistical hub!

Cooperation and interaction to achieve a common goal — the prosperity of Ukraine!

Ukrainian Fresh & Frozen Products Cluster has been operating in Ukraine since 2017. Mutually beneficial cooperation of structural units of the cluster is aimed at achieving a common goal to build a wealthy, strong, prosperous Ukraine.

Field-to-table food chain

UFP Cluster specializes in growing and harvesting berries, fruits,vegetables and mushrooms; primary processing, freezing, packaging, cold storage and sale of products in domestic and foreign markets.

Ivan Kotyash, founder of the cluster is sure — strength in cooperation! From the first days of the company’s foundation, it has been actively uniting manufacturers and market operators interested in mutually beneficial cooperation.

«The win-win cooperation strategy we have used in cooperation with partners, involves making a profit for everyone involved in the production chain «from the field to the table».

Only by combining together the knowledge, experience and resources, possible to create quality product in sufficient quantities.

 We grow in harmony with nature

Currently, 70 hectares of its own lands in Makariv district of Kyiv region, are used for growing fresh products. During the berry picking season, up to 200 people are employed there. Comfortable living conditions in dormitories and meals on site are created for employees.

 Malyn Factory LLC is a specialist in food production

The Malyn Factory LLC is a processing and logistics hub with a favorable location in the European direction and next to Kyiv. Production capacity (freezing and processing) up to 40 tons of products per day. All employees are officially employed. The workers are arranged with the opportunity of accommodation and meals.

European quality equipment, which allows to produce semi-products in accordance with the top quality standards, has been installed. In addition, packaging of products in individual packing for the supermarkets and HoReCa; blanching, freezing and processing of vegetables; production of finished products under YaGurman TM: fruit and berry purees, berry powders, sales of fresh products.

HACCP principles has been introduced in the production process. Production is certified according to the FSSC 22000.

Own logistics and export.



54 Ivana Ogienko str.,
Malyn, Zhytomyr region
11603, Ukraine
Tel .: +38 067 703 1510
Tel .: +38 067 703 1371


9 Simyi Sosninyh str.,
Kyiv, 03148
Tel .: +38 067 538 1920
Tel .: +38 044 496 7021


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