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Thanks to International Trade Centre help, we were able to increase the competitiveness of the company – Oleksii Prokopchyk, Deputy Director, TM BigBlue

Our company grows organic blueberries: last year, almost 80% of the product exported

This year, we plan to continue working with export and to increase the total volume of deliveries to Europe through our berry producers’ cooperative.

As well, as in 2019, we were represented on both Fruit Logistica and Biofach trade fairs this year. I think we managed to make a little splash. Everyone liked our berries’ 3D models that we made.

We’ve begun planning our presentations for the exhibitions 4 months in advance. It resulted to the recognition of our bird, a hallmark of corporate identity, not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

The main aims of participation were the same as last time – to present our company and Ukraine among potential clients from all over the world, to establish new contacts, make business connections with European trading partners, and position ourselves as a strong player in the Ukrainian blueberry market.

I was impressed by the scale of the Fruit Logistica. Compared to Biofach, it creates an understanding that you are a tiny screw in the big anthill of large companies. At the same time, if you are vivid and thoughtful enough, you will succeed. Give it more time to get ready for the exhibitions, that’s important. Unless you prepared for Fruit Logistica or Biofach, you have no results.

Participation in the exhibitions has allowed our company to expand the export base of buyers and to present our trademark on the European market of fresh organic berries. Quarantine, for sure, will bring some difficulties in the established business relations, but in general, nothing will change.

Thanks to International Trade Centre help, we were able to increase the competitiveness of the company and create value-added products through a partnership with foreign companies.

Of course, we would love to get this opportunity for the next 2021 year. Fruit Logistica trade fair for sure remains a trend for us. In order to be adequately represented at Biofach as well next year, we need to concentrate our efforts on more thorough preparation for it.

We are grateful to ‘Ready to Trade’ project implemented by ITC and founded by EU for organizing free useful series of training, as well as for the comprehensive assistance in the preparation for both international exhibitions.


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